Peroth Balakrishnan Tropical Ecology and Conservation Biology Lab

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Tropical Ecology and
Conservation Biology Lab
  Principal Investigator:  
  Peroth Balakrishnan, Ph D  
Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute (JNTBGRI)
Wildlife Research and Conservation Trust (WRCT)


Snake sense: conservation education programme to save snakes    
The Tropical Ecology and Conservation Biology Lab in association with the Wildlife Research & Conservation Trust is running a public education and citizen science programme with the aim to understand the patterns of snake kills and to mitigate the malicious killing of non-venomous snakes especially Travancore Wolf Snake which is a mimic of the Common Indian Krait using a citizen scientist network. The target groups included teachers, students, members of the youth clubs, women's groups in the villages and the general public. So far, citizen scientists managed to save 324 non-venomous snakes from human persecution. Read more




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